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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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for joining us on this monday morning, september 26, and i am pam cook. i am dave clark. we start with developing news in sonoma county, mandatory evacuation due to the sawmill fire that started late yesterday morning 10 miles east of cloverdale, and it has grown to 1500 acres. the sawmill fire is only about 10% contained endangering three dozen homes. mandatory evacuation in place for geysers road on the cloverdale site, and from pine mountain road to the geyser resort road. fire crews are making progress. so far no injuries have been reported, and no structures or buildings have been damaged or destroyed. we will hear from the live report in sonoma county coming up in the next half-hour. let's check in steve paulson about the weather, and that the fire particular.
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>> it will not be good today, and they will start off very warm, and it will get hot quickly. the humidity is also low, so not much help today. maybe a little bit of help tomorrow but conditions are very warm. in the higher elevations it is very warm with low humidity. this is rugged terrain, and there could be some thermal air, but it looks warm to hot today. i don't see much of a break unless we get that southerly breeze kicking in, but probably too late to help today. this fog, if there is anyone not last long, and there is not enough onshore breeze, a little bit of fog trying to form off of the sonoma coast or marin coast. not going to do it. 50s, 60s in some 70s, very warm in san francisco, and even higher elevations are very
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warm. 53 in napa, 54 in petaluma, and we have a big difference in some of these temperatures. everything is rotating from the land to the sea, and this onshore breeze, not much help. 80s and ids for many, and this is the time of year that it's not only the east bay that is hot, it is everybody.>> we cannot escape the heat, but we are used to this in september and october. >> it does happen in september all the time. good morning. the traffic will be busy on this monday, and on the tracy triangle we already have slowed traffic. there have been no major problems getting through this area. it is slow though as we drive on 580 westbound, and also on
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205. it is slow to the altamont pass, but it will get better by the time you reach livermore. interstate 880 as a nice- looking drive, and at the bay bridge no big back up yet, usually at 5:30 am when the metering light comes on we will see the slow traffic. donald trump and hillary clinton will face off against each other for the first time in the elections tonight. >> the stakes are high with clinton holding a tiny lead over trump in the latest polls, and we have more at the location of the debate, hofstra university in new york. >> reporter: certainly there is a lot of excitement here this morning and tonight we could look at a super bowl size audience, 100 million people predicted to watch the face- off. >> the american people expect hillary clinton do well, and
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lower expectations for donald trump. >> reporter: the debate stage is set at hofstra university and everyone is wondering who will take control of the stage tonight, fostering with donald trump threatening to invite the former mistress of bill clinton to the debate, and is after the hillary campaign invited mark cuban. >> he will play games in the campaign brushed him back and i think they did a good job. >> reporter: clinton has years of experience on the debate stage, trump battling through the primary states but this will be the first one on one. >> trump's strength is the counterpunch or, and if she goes in and handle them delicately, and very respectful, and we got a very boring debate that he would go along. >> reporter: those close to clinton say she will focus on the issues. >> he will be about policies and our policy differs from donald trump. >> reporter: some say that she should come down hard on donald trump. >> should they try to make her
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more likable or try to prosecute donald trump? i think she needs to show strength. >> reporter: remember when we were talking after the democratic convention, clinton had the significant lead over trump, with that appears to have evaporated, and some say that the race is too close to call. coming up in the next half-hour we will take a look at how the millennial generation will be a big factor in deciding who wins the white house, and the struggles both candidates have in connecting with the young voters. there are several watch party scheduled around the bay area for the big debate, one in san francisco at the chapel on valencia street. another at the university in san jose state university at the ground for the student union, and at uc berkeley the institute of governmental studies at the library. in the bay area there are several
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watch parties, the presidio golf course in san francisco, monahans restaurant in mountain boulevard, and danville luna low cup -- luna loca.>> you can get a list of the watch parties on our website, and click on the local section. we have janine de la vega in the newsroom to talk about the report. >> san jose and san francisco ranking in the top 10 in the biggest all in rent for one- bedroom apartment, and the website reports that the average monthly rent in san jose dropped 12% between august and september, falling by 6% in san francisco during that same time. the report said that the san jose average rent went from
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$2790, and now $2455, the second largest decrease in u. s. cities. a one-bedroom in san francisco went from $3952, $3698 now. they say that the writ will continue to go up from $2654- $2099 a 2% increase in the bay area. they are basing this on a sampling of more than 6000 properties.>> thank you, very interesting. another new report says that many bay area residents cannot keep up with the rising cost of living, the san jose mercury news says that incomes are increasing but not enough to keep up with the housing prices, the average bay area salary going up by 30% in the past five years, but during that same time home prices went
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up by more than 87%. it is 5:08 am. battery charges under investigation, both happening friday night, and it was the same man in a wheelchair that may have done it. the first incident was just before 6 pm in the student union, and the witness reported seeing a man and a wheelchair touching a woman inappropriately. a short time later there was another report of a man matching the same description touching women around the campus, described as white, curly brown hair wearing a black shirt and jeans. the san francisco police are investigating a possible hate crime believed to be tied to the folsom street fair, and the chronicle reports that the police are looking for five men that pepper spray and yelling homophobic slurs to two win and the western addition saturday night. the victims were reportedly missing from new york to attend the folsom street fair, a
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popular street festival in san francisco celebrating fetishes. and they said that they "were destroying family values." we should get a report on the high-rise building that is deadly sinking in san francisco, the millennium tower has settled dickstein inches, much more than the 4 to 6 inches that was predicted through the entire life of the building, the san francisco examiner reported that some inspectors may have known about the problem as long as six years ago, and a news conference is scheduled for 9 am this morning when the millennium tower association will talk about efforts to monitor movement around the building. it is 5:09 am. and the latest incident and whether there will be more police patrols after the string of shootings. jose fernandez killed and
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the weekend boating accident, and the rising star was making a name for himself in major league baseball. traffic will be busy if you're driving in some areas, the east shore freeway steady more credit heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. offer a warm start, 50s, 60s and in some locations in the 70s.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:13 am. the sports world is done by the death of golf legend arnold palmer, tributes coming in from all over the world. arnold palmer died at the age of 87 following a heart problems, credited with transforming golf from a country club to a sport for everybody. he won more than 90 golf tournaments, including the masters which he won four times. his followers called themselves arnold's army and surrounded him with cheers at every game. the laws of the brightest young star, the miami marlins, jose fernandez killed in a boating accident in miami beach yesterday morning and only 24 years old and about to become the father of a baby girl.
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hernandez was in the fourth season of what many believed to be the hall of fame career and his death is devastated his team. >> some of the stuff he would do, you can see that little kid that you would see -- you would watch the kids play little league or something like that, that is the joy that josi laid with, and the passion he felt about plane.>> the coast guard said that hernandez and two other men were in a boat traveling at top speed when it slammed into rock, and there's no alcohol or drugs that played a role in the crash but they were not wearing life else. -- but were not wearing life jackets. according to the associated press, the energy commission is looking to launch a research program into the electric crystals that create
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electricity when compressed, and they want to see a placing them under the roads and having the cars drive over them will generate electricity, and they are looking for a university or company to run a test program and it could launch as soon as next year. there is one powerball ticket worth a half million dollars that was recently sold in sunnyvale, and the winning ticket was sold at the market, matching life out of six of winning numbers and the winter has not claimed the price, and they have 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim the prize. it is 5:15 am. let's take a look at the traffic on this monday morning.>> it is okay, getting more crowded, but for the most part a nice drive out to the gilroy area. we are looking at the gilroy
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super commuters, and you can see the traffic from gilroy to san jose continuing to look good. no major problems into the gilroy area. and if you're driving through the morgan hill area, still nice, and in the main part of the valley no surprises, and you can see the green maps. that means good, and very light traffic so far. i we know that that will change later. the traffic looking pretty good heading to the high rise with no major issues. at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound, the commute still looking good into san francisco. it is 5:16 am. clear skies and no-fault yet, record highs yesterday, and we will probably get close again today. and here is the crescent moon,
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19% visible. it is easy to see under clear skies. [howling]>> we only get one howell -- howl. and it is hot, san jose 97 record tied in 1952. not good news for the firefighters at the sawmill fire, conditions very warm with that easterly component, humidity plunging an already very low at the higher elevations, and very warm up after a few thousand feet. temperature starting off warm and getting hot quickly. that southwind teaching and could help but tomorrow will be a better day. we are trying to find some fog but not much so far, plenty off the coast. that will not help us today.
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i don't think this is going to stop the temperatures from getting into the upper 80s and upper 90s. you can see, north-northeast is not going to help the fog base, 60s, 70s and a few 50s. 64 a black [ null ] , 63 martinez, 63 in livermore. brentwood at 61. it is hot, but not be july hot. this time of year everybody is in it, and you can see this rotates right offshore so that everything continues to go from the land to the sea, a warm pattern for this time of year. there are a few 80s and a lot of 90s. mid to upper 90s, near 100 degrees, warm to hot today with temperatures toasty inland, and the cooling starts on the coast and it will kick in wednesday,
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and that would curious entry 25 degree drop by friday saturday.>> what about allergies? >> they are bad. i have a couple of issues in late april and may, and now. when the wind picks up in the fall with everything blooming, i don't know.>> a lot is falling, but not blooming. it is 5:19 am. and i will, thousands of evacuated people hope they have something to come home to when the floodwaters recede.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. thousands of people in cedar rapids, iowa, hoping they have something to come home to. the people of wisconsin are cleaning up after heavy rains in that area.>> we don't have insurance to cover this type of thing. the classes in cedar rapids have been canceled through wednesday. a big night curfew in charlotte, north carolina has been lifted after a week of protests after the police shooting of an african-american man, demonstrators road testing
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the shooting of keith scott but for the most part it was peaceful. demonstrators are accusing the police of not telling the truth about what happened, and organizers say that scott was reading a book in his car before officers demanded he get out of the car, and the police say he had a gun and posing a threat. >> there has to be changes, policy changes in heart changes for the city to truly be safe, and i mean all citizens. >> the curfew was lifted after the police in charlotte released somebody cam video of the shooting. >> handcuffs, and handcuffs.>> the body cam video shows the officers surrounding keith scott but you cannot see the actual shooting in the video, and the decision to release the video came one day after the wife of keith scott released her own video of the shooting.
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they say there was a gun that scott was carrying along with the ankle holster, and the family says that the video still leaves a lot of unanswered questions. in columbus, ohio, they are demanding an independent investigation into the deadly shooting of tie ring, 13, laid to rest -- tyree king, 13, laid to rest after being shot and killed by the police while they were investing 80 and armed robbery. the officers claimed that he ran from them and pulled what looked like a gun, and it turned out to be a bb gun. the grand jury will be investigating the case. and there was a vigil held for the disappearance of pearl pinson, trying to keep her disappearance in the public eye. the 13-year-old was walking school four months ago and she was abducted on this pedestrian bridge over interstate 780. last night her family march on
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that overpass to the corinthians church of god, and they said they have not given up hope of finding her.>> we have faith that she will come home, either good or bad, we want to bring her home.>> i don't sleep anymore. when i do i see her face, and i hear her calling me. >> 19-year-old fernando castro was later identified as the kidnapper of pearl pinson, and he was killed in a police shootout in santa barbara county. it is 5:25 am. a warning for parents, a suspicious incident involving a man near the middle school. fire breaking out in the north country and we will give you the latest update on the sawmill fire coming up. looking at a busy commute, approaching 5:30 am and more cars heading to the bay bridge toll plaza.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. these are live pictures of houston texas, and the local media saying that the bomb squad has been called out, and this is the activity after a
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suspicious vehicle was discovered near this area. we are hearing that several people, maybe seven people had been injured. we have very few details but we do see these live pictures of the active situation in houston, texas, reports of an active shooter. we will get the details, and we will follow this for you throughout the morning right here on mornings on 2. it is monday, september 26, and i am dave clark. good morning, i am pam cook. we have developing news out of sonoma county, mandatory evacuations due to a wildfire that started yesterday outside of cloverdale threatening homes.>> and week have reporter in hillsborough, and you have the latest on the progress in fighting the fire in the weather forecast.
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>> reporter: good morning. obviously the weather is a major factor today as firefighters work on the sawmill fire. this is the evacuation center, and there is a note saying that the red cross is standing by to help. none of the evacuees are at the church, and the sawmill fire started late yesterday morning about 10 miles east of cloverdale. the fire has grown to 1500 acres. the sawmill fire is only 10% contained, three dozen homes are in danger with mandatory evacuation orders in place for the geyser road, and on the cloverdale side from the pine mountain road to the geysers resort road. they say they are making progress battling the flames but preparing for another hot day on the fire line. >> it was very hot with temperatures high, humidity low with gusting winds that were very challenging, and it is very remote instinct where the fire is located. we still have a long road ahead
5:31 am
to get that containment number of and to get the fire fully out but we are making progress.>> reporter: so far no injuries are reported and no structures have been damaged or destroyed as investigators look for the cause of the fire. to put this in context, the latest fire is a few miles from the valley fire that devastated this area last year as authorities keep a close eye on how this fire develops. they are hoping to learn more as the sun rises and they can look at how the fire progressed overnight. as this fire was developing we've been testing -- texting back and forth with the fire department, and we are looking for the latest development and will keep you updated. >> before you go, is it warm out there right now? >> it is cool right now.>> reporter: as the day progresses expected temperatures to get over 90 degrees which complicates the firefighting
5:32 am
effort. and if you had a chance to look at the video you get a sense of how rough that rain is in the area where the sawmill fire is burning, and cal fire really wanted to be on top of this fire quickly to try to surround it to prevent it from spreading. >> thank you, and we will check in throughout the morning. we will check in with steve as well.>> it may be cool where he is but very warm higher up. in the areas out of the east- northeast, not good. today is not going to be a good day for firefighters. there are very warm temperatures in those higher elevations, near 80 degrees already, and in town it may be cool but it will warm up quick. a hot monday, 90s and low 100s for the sawmill fire, starting off a little bit cooler but not long before will warm up.
5:33 am
this is not far away, 81 degrees at 2000 feet, 60% humidity, not good at all. the warm temperatures and getting hot quick, and i don't see how they will not get the upper 90s near 100. and that south breeze could pick in -- kick in, certainly possible but i think that will be tomorrow. the fog is not here to help, but tomorrow it will help. 50s and 60s on the temperatures, a few 70s, especially in the higher elevations, in the hills 72 compared to 57. incredible. looking for the offshore breeze and everything going off of the coast. the reverse, 80s, 90s and near 100 is what this is giving us. good morning. off to a decent start.
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we did have crash that i would tell you about in a moment. we will check out the solano county super commuters, vacaville, fairfield and vallejo commute looking good. not a bad commute driving into fairfield, and at the cordelia junction, it looks fine. with a crash southbound at 80 near maui that was just cleared but the traffic is already slow. all of the lanes are open, but the crash is on the shoulder, and you could see slowing anyway as you can see by the road sensors. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic backed up, metering lights are on, and this is about a 10 minute delay before getting onto the span. it is 5:34 am. the berkeley police are investigating another shooting in the city, investigators say that two people were shot near the intersection of king street
5:35 am
and alcatraz avenue just before 8:30 pm, one person shot in the stomach, the other in the leg and both are expected to survive. there is no information on a suspect. this is the latest in a string of recent shootings in berkeley, including a homicide in berkeley thursday night, a man gunned down while standing with the group of people in no arrests have been made. the police have increased patrols in the wake of this recent violence. it is 5:35 am. the san mateo sheriff's office warning to parents about an incident in san carlos involving a man and young boy, the 12-year-old boy was walking near the central middle school, and a man in a silver sedan pulled up and offered him a ride, and the boy said no, and the driver persisted until the boy threatened to call the police. then the man drove away and they do not know whether the man was really trying to help the boy or whether he was a
5:36 am
possible child predator. >> it is alarming to hear about this. and you hear about other cases a few months ago were people were driving around in cars and engaging kids sometimes. it is scary.>> they say the man was white, about 70 years old with gray and white medium length hair. if you have any information call the san mateo county sheriff. the oakland police are searching for man they say tried to abduct a woman at gunpoint. the attempted kidnapping happened on 52nd straight early saturday morning. 52nd street early saturday morning and the woman was not hurt but if you have information call the oakland police. the oakland police are investigating a deadly shooting that happened at 1 am yesterday morning, not far from the bart station, they cede it was possibly a drive-by shooting,
5:37 am
and they do not have motive in no arrests have been made. the people oakland will have another chance to weigh in on what they want to see in the next police chief. tonight there will be a public meeting at city are -- city hall at 6:30 pm. you can get the public input on the selection of the new oakland police chief. live a full list of the community forums, go to mornings on 2 on and click on the web links. the san francisco police are investigating a shooting that killed a 19-year-old man saturday morning at about 12:30 am on oak hill avenue in the district, and if you have any information the police are asking you to call them. colin kaepernick continuing to get support from his teammates during the national anthem protests, and eric read and eli harold took a knee with kaepernick during the anthem
5:38 am
during the game with the seahawks, and others raising their fist. seattle scored three touchdowns in the first half, the 49ers only had a field goal, and there was a scary moment that is even hard to watch as the seattle quarterback russell wilson in the third quarter sprained his knee on an illegal tackle by eli harold. wilson left the game but that did not help the 49ers. in the running back carlos hyde scored two touchdowns but the 49ers still lost, 37-18, the record falling to 1-2. they will host a dallas cowboys next weekend. the oakland raiders defense the worst in the nfl in the first two weeks of the season but they leaned on the defense and hung on for the win in tennessee, and the quarterback connecting with roberts for a touchdown, and the raiders led 17-3 at the half, but did not score another point.
5:39 am
tennessee driving in the final minutes and appeared to have tied the game on this touchdown pass, but it was called back due to offensive pass interference. the raiders defense got tough and stop the titans on the fourth down extinct seconds left in the raiders win, 17-10. >> the defense, we can get off of their back because they won the game for us. that was a prime example of what i have seen every day in practice.>> the raiders have improved the record, 2-1, and next they play in baltimore. the warriors will hold the team annual media day in oakland, golden state getting ready for another season and another bid for the nba championship. they held the fourth annual family basketball clinic, and that was in downtown oakland featuring a warrior star olympic stars kevin durant,
5:40 am
draymond green and klay thompson, parents and children attending the clinic on how to sharpen their basketball skills. and the wife of steph curry, ayesha, and we spoke about her new cookbook, and today she will be at the san francisco commonwealth club with the famed chef, and the two collaborating on the pop restaurant, "international smoke." the program will start at noon and admission is $20 for members of the commonwealth club, $30 for nonmembers. it is 5:40 am. there is concern about cats being trapped in hot cars, and the new california law making it easier for pets to be rescued. the police in southern california arrested two men and a teenage girl after the teenage parents and a family friend were found dead in the home, and what the neighbors say they believe is behind the
5:41 am
violence. good morning, looking at a commute where traffic will be busy. if you're driving on 24, already busy between walnut creek in oakland.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 20-year-old arcan cetin was arrested saturday night 24 hours after he started shooting in the macy's door in burlington, killing five people, four women and one man, and one victim identified as a 15-year- old high school her sophomore -- high school sophomore that survived cancer, and the others ranging in ages from 50 to 90 years old.>> the next stage right now is to do the interviews, and to learn more
5:44 am
from him if he is willing to share with us.>> authorities say that arcan cetin shouted out the names of women before he started firing, and at this point we still have no motive for the shooting, and arcan cetin immigrated to the u. s. from turkey as a child and is a legal resident. he has been charged with domestic violence, and there is a court order that prohibits him from possessing a gun. governor brown has be told legislation that would were live state to fully reimburse local agencies for the cost of the mass shooting in san bernardino. the governor had high praise for those first responders that raised to the scene of the terror attack in 2015, but governor brown said he does not want to set a president for full reimbursement for future emergencies in california. generally they pay to me five -- 75% reimbursement. arresting a teenage girl for the death of three people,
5:45 am
including the teenagers parent. the child called 911 on saturday to report that her parents had died. officers found the body of jennifer and chris, and they also found two children at the home that were unharmed. the police arrested a 21-year- old, 25-year-old and a 17-year- old girl. the daughter, the 17-year-old girl, was upset because their parents would not allow her to date the 25-year-old man. hoping to attract a younger generation of voters come election day. >> the latest polls say that the millennials will help decide who will be the next president.>> reporter: the millennials, the largest segment of the u. s. workforce, those that have never known life without the internet, age 18 to 34 that politically tend to lean left are independent, and hillary clinton and donald trump are having problems. >> one has no political
5:46 am
background, and only running because he has the money, and the second one has a political background but also has a political background that is not necessarily good. >> reporter: hillary clinton assuring younger voters that she will address the changes like climate change and reform. >> even if you are totally opposed to donald trump i get that you still have questions about me. >> reporter: both making rounds on the late-night shows.>> as secretary how many words per minute can you type? >> reporter: the polls show that she still has a lot of work to do, she was leading by 26 points in august, shrinking by two thirds this past week when the libertarians were included. there is a combined 46% of the millennial boat, and there is a fifth option -- millennial vote, and there is a fifth
5:47 am
option.>> reporter: and hoping the millennial street credit will rub off on her. >> secretary clinton does not want you to pay off the debt for your rest of your life. >> reporter: i did not know the particulars and i thought that she was the lesser of the two evils so that is why i chose her. >> probably more against hillary than for donald trump. >> reporter: the group is not particularly loyal are interested in political parties are labels, and in the research study, only 40% said they were okay with being called millennials. back in the bay area we check on the traffic, and people are heading out the door. >> people do get out on the road early, as you know. we are looking at the commutes that we are following for you, busy already on the altamont pass and the tracy super
5:48 am
commuters. traffic continues to be slow on 205 and 580, definitely not lighter than usual with 205 getting a lot of work out. if you are getting on the freeway in livermore you will get ahead of the crowd, but 680 is already slow from dublin down the pleasanton, a lot of people on the roads early. an accident in fremont but the traffic is extra heavy out of hayward toward fremont due to that earlier crash. let's take a look at 880 northbound and southbound in front of the oakland coliseum, moderate traffic. at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic has filled in already, backed up for a 10 minute delay. we have been doing this commute all year, but when it is dark like this it appears to be extra early. this car is trying to get up and may cause an accident. that was terrible.
5:49 am
did you see that? >> i see that once a week. >> people darting into the commute lane, i would not recommend that. i stopped by but you are not home. >> i was taking a nap in the back. it is early, but hot monday. by friday in the 60s and 70s, but not today, 80s, 90s and near 100. we could see record highs again, and we had records yesterday, and not good news for the sawmill fire department. it is going to be a tough day with higher elevations being very warm. i see nothing but this easterly breeze or a northeasterly breeze. in some areas in the lower elevations in a 40% humidity level, but 16% at the higher elevations. we are hoping a south breeze
5:50 am
kicks in but if that does not happen they could see 102 degrees. tomorrow will be a a little bit cooler, no fog, but we do have an offshore breeze. you can see napa, fairfield in oakland, the direction that the winds are coming from, 50s, 60s and 70s, certainly warmer in the higher elevations. santa clara at 57, 58 at san martmn, and for some cool. 34 in truckee, 55 in ukiah, 63 in monterey to, and that is warm for them. but this time of year the coast warms up, and you can see that low going offshore, and it will reverse itself by tomorrow allowing a south breeze for some along the coast. 93 in san francisco, one shy of
5:51 am
a record. mountain view, san jose looks to be in the mix for records, including many others, including the sfo. the cooling will begin on wednesday and through the weekend, a big drop.>> 25 degrees? >> for some, yes. we could use it because 93 is toasty in the city. 5:51 am. "magnificent seven" brings in the moviegoers, the biggest opening in its genre.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, you're looking at a live picture from houston texas, and the active shooter has been shot by the police, and that is according to the tweet that out by the houston police department. this is an active scene, report of seven people shot and injured by the shooter, and we do not know the extent of the injuries, but all have been taken to the hospital in houston. we will follow this active shore -- story of a shooter, seven people shot in the shooter has been shot, and we will bring more details as they
5:55 am
come in. it is 5:55 am. terry jones, monty python actor/director has a rare form of dementia, and this is terry jones. he is 74 years old suffering from dementia, affecting his ability to communicate. he is best known for writing and performing in the monty python tv series from 1969-74. prince william's and kate on a weekend trip to canada, arriving with their two children, prince george and princess charlotte. this is the first trip for the one year old, charlotte. >> kathryn and i are delighted be back in canada, and we are so pleased that george and charlotte are with us this time round, beginning their own lifetime friendship with this wonderful country. >> the royal family will spend
5:56 am
the next several days traveling across british columbia before heading back to the uk on saturday. it is 5:56 am. the remake of the magnificent seven mack starring denzel washington, and the movie featuring chris pratt bringing in $35 million during the debut weekend, a western what they multicultural cast, and the director also directed denzel washington in "training day." it is one of the biggest openings for western movie ever, and coming in number two is "storks" an animated movie, and it is a baby delivering stork. in third place is clint eastwood, sully mack, bringing in 13.8 million. a big night and i don't think people will be at the movies, they will
5:57 am
watch donald trump and hillary clinton facing off for the first time, up next we will talk to our political analyst about what to expect for tonight's presidential debate. the early commute already has slowdowns as you can see, highway 4 getting slow over the hill to concord. get ready, temperatures warming up fast and coast, bay in inland setting some records maybe.
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5:59 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. two presidential candidates on one stage and we have your update on what to look for tonight. new information on the containment of the sawmill fire, and we will have alive news report with the latest details on this rapidly growing fire in sonoma county. breaking news, an active shooter situation in houston, several people have been injured, and here are the pictures as mornings on 2 continues.
6:00 am
good morning and thank you for joining us on this monday morning, september 26, i am pam cook. good morning, i in dave clark, and let's talk about the weather -- i am dave clark, and let's talk about the weather.>> it was so darn hot.>> a lot of places in marin county do not have air conditioning because it does not get that hall -- that hot too often, but when he does you do for a restaurant or some other place to stay. for many it is already warm, not much of a breeze, and the breeze that is here is favoring the north-northeast. it is going to be hot with 90s, near 100. not great conditions for the firefighters for sure. higher elevations are seeing 81 degrees already at 60% humidity, and this east- northeast breeze is very warm, temperatures in


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